Never lose another document again. Ever! Secure, Justified, and Trusted our Online Backup ushers in a new age in data protection and file recovery. You can rest assured - knowing that even if the worst were to occur - the lifeblood of your business, your data, is Safe Off Site.

The SJT Online Backup powered by SOS Online Backup service provides data-protection for customers, whether they are SMEs, SOHOs, professionals at home, students, or anyone with electronic files to be protected from data-loss. SJT brings big-business IT-best-practice to small businesses and consumers.

Data will be safe – Safe Off Site

The SJT Online service is delivered through a software program (the SJT Windows Client) installed on the end-user’s computer. The user then tells the program what files to protect, and each night, at a configured time, (or instantaneously at the option of the user) SJT backs up any files that have changed since the previous backup. Files are backed up to a global network of datacenters powered by the proprietary SOS Online Server and InfiniScale™ technologies. Data is compressed using proprietary SOS Online ShrinkRAP™ delta compression that ensures that only the changes made to files are sent over the network – dramatically reducing bandwidth consumption. It is this performance enhancement that forms the core of the SJT Designed-For-Dial-Up strategy, and gives our platform mass market appeal.

This stands in contrast to most online backup systems, which re-transfer the entire file that has changed – rather than just the modified binary subset of that file.

SJT can also be set up to intelligently watch particular folders – and to either backup all the files in that folder – or just a subset of them. For example – you can easily define a filter that says – “only backup the word documents in My Documents folder”. Simple – but powerful.

For our full range of features, visit our features page.

Award-winning protection
Backup unlimited number of PCs
Continuous data sync in the cloud
Access your files via the web

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SJT Online Backup provides the industry’s best online backup solution for Home Users & Businesses. SJT’s Online Backup technology solution provides continuous data protection for thousands of Home & Business users world-wide. Our Backup Software is loaded with state of art backup features like remote data access, unlimited versioning, powerful data recovery to protect your personal & business data 24/7. Whatever your data, whether its digital music, photos or video or business databases or application data, Start backing up with SJT Online Backup today! SJT Online Backup is powered by SOS Online Backup.

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