Online Backup - Technical FAQ

How do I receive my username?

Is the username case sensitive?

What does UltraSafe mean to me?

Is the password case sensitive?

Should I choose the "save the password" option at the login screen the SJT software presents when it starts?

Can I run multiple SJT Backup accounts from one client computer?

Can I use a single SJT Backup account on multiple computers?

How do I know what needs to be backed up?

How do I add folders and files to the list of what is backed up?

How can I find a file when I don't know where to look for it?

Why can't I see my Outlook .pst file?

How to backup an Outlook .PST file?

Do I have to select each file for protection individually?

How do I set a schedule?

What are the Domain/Username/Password fields used for?

Once a schedule is set, how can I check it?

How can I re-set a schedule to another time?

How can I know my ISP speed?

What email address should I use for the reports?

Can I change the email address later?

Does the email address field support multiple addressees?

How do I find the Classic View?

What is the difference between running on a schedule and running with no user logged on?

What should I be aware of in order to properly set the Caching Option?

What if my files are in a folder of all mixed types and I only want certain types Protected in my account?

Is there any other way to do this same operation if there are several file types involved in the consideration?

Why can't I read the full filename in the Backup Mode on-screen display?

Can I change the session checklist without completely re-doing it?

What happens to my backed up files if I delete the local copy from the uploading computer?

What happens to my backed up files if I remove a selected and backup file from the session check list?

I selected my Outlook .pst file in the Wizard and it hasn't been backed up – why not?

How can I share a file?

How can I share a folder of files?

Can a Shared file recipient re-upload?

What if a common file on a server is accessed by many during a period, which version will be saved - or will all?

What if a file is downloaded to many computers for response work and then re-uploaded to a shared account from all, which version is saved - or will all?

Can a Network Administrator download backed up files and re-upload them?

Can SJT backup SQL databases?

How can I disable/enable the email backup reports?

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